Wednesday, January 24


Happy HNT!

Take this Magic 8 Ball and partake of it, For it is the cell of my one true plastic living brain. Ask it what questions you might have. It holds the answers to all of the questions in the Universe.
This is the Magic 8 Ball I gave to O. With it she will be able to write a post - someday.

And the Babelfish said...
"For a moment, nothing happened. Then, after a second or so, nothing continued to happen."
Kind of like waiting for her to post...

This month past has gone by in a haze. It has left an impression that I can only equate with taste, at moments very much like a piece of caramel, left on the tongue to melt and linger, at others a hot latte, brilliant and gone too quickly.

Her wit is quick, so exotic and different from the local population that they cannot help but draw to her, the novelty of wicked rejoinders and tinkling laughter has been a magnet wherever we go.

Last night it was a Brazilian party, the night before shopping and movies in Lenox Square. We've had lunch with a friend at La Madeline and gone to my favorite cigar bar for billiards and lager.

And I have been greedy with every moment, not wanting to share my treasure with the locals who seem to vacillate between laborious clinging and adulatory gawking.

We've settled into a routine for this extended vacation. When I have to work I turn her over to our friend and he shows her a bit of the town or she works on the projects that need to be finished before her return. We three have fallen into a comfortable program in which we spend time together and also separately.

So you can imagine my surprise when after lunch the other day I was talking to her and found myself complaining about sharing her. It was a bitter pill that spilled forth, some unexpected schoolyard jealousy that had managed to creep its way into my conversation. 'Do you like spending time with him more than you do with me?' Hard swallow... where had that come from? And what followed was an abbreviated jeremiad that did nothing to help further the case that I was not so much jealous as envious that I couldn't be there too.

She stroked my hair and reassured me that she was treasuring every moment we spend together and that she is making plans for me to come home with her. A short visit, but an extension of our time together.

We went and ate crabs. I taught her how to tear them open and we shared an afternoon of buttery fingers and strong beer. She was delighted, whoever would have thought it could be so much fun to tear things apart and eat them? I was touched by the whole affair. She is always impeccable, her manners, her speech, the only word that comes to mind is refined. It was bliss to watch her eyes light up as she loosened up and marvelled at the new wonders around her.

Some of her firsts while here...
My notes and her responses follow:

First visit to a Walmart.
She didn't say anything, just walked around for an hour with her mouth open. This is why we call it a Stupor Store instead of a Super Store. Then she asked where the sex toy section is.

First sighting of a real outhouse.
Robert Poste Child, I saw something nasty in the woodshed.

First time eating grits.
What is a grit?

First time eating gravy and biscuits.
How do y'all live past thirty?

First visit to a Waffle House.
Could I please have some clean silverware?

Places we have visited:
Shooters Alley
The Love Shack
The Atlanta Aquarium
Centennial Olympic Park
Lenox Square
Underground Atlanta
Little Five Points
The Big Chicken

The Castle
This is actually the home of an elderly couple. It is mostly underground with only the top level and spires above ground.

Weird things we have been talking about...

The Centralia Pennsylvania Fire. The coal mines there have been burning since 1962. "There are no current plans to extinguish the fire, which is consuming an eight-mile seam containing enough coal to fuel it for 250 years."

The Black Dahlia was kept alive and tortured for three days before dying of the lacerations to her face and trauma to the head. Both of her legs were broken and there was fecal matter found in her stomach. O is such a wealth of useless knowledge.

There were actually only 19 people hanged during the Salem Witch trials, I always thought there were more?

Movies we have seen.
Notes on a Scandal.
The Queen.

Our time together has now come to an end and I miss her already.

Wanna watch us Scrabble hO?
Just check here...
You can find our game listed under either woodnotwood or eroslogos, depending on who won the last game. This is an on-going tournament. It has been for two years. We have no plans of stopping - It is now a war of attrition.