Sunday, January 7


Things have begun to return to a more normal pattern here.

I have a second job waitressing at a local restaurant, it's a fun place to work and the tips are great. It's something that I missed doing while I've been taking care of things at home. I've missed the regulars that come in to see me and I've missed the friends I work with. It's just a few hours of work, but I really enjoy doing it.

It felt good to get back out again. To get back on schedule. To feel a part of the throng of humanity. To once again become a part of the pulse of my hometown.

I'm waiting for O's arrival. She'll be here to celebrate my birthday with me. We've been talking on the phone like two excited school girls while we made our plans. We're going to have a blast!

The first thing we'll be doing is having lunch with Para (formerly of Chilli Talk). He's become a great friend and we are both thrilled to have O along to make up our threesome.

We'll let you know about all of the naughty things we get up to ;)


Cherrie said...

Hi, Tricia! Haven't been here for a while, but it seems things are going better for you lately. Best wishes to your son for a speedy recovery.

Tricia said...

Hi Cherrie!
I'm glad to see you're back too!

Things are going quite well here although I have been busy. The doctors appointments have taken a lot of my time and getting back to work has helped me get back into a normal routine. However, O keeping me up all night playing scrabble and yacking on the phone has probably been the most helpful. Nothing like laughing with a friend to take your mind off of your troubles.

And my son...
He's doing so well now. He's had the holidays to heal up and we are looking at getting his teeth implants done. He lost three in front. He now says he really does look like he's from Georgia :P

He's kept his humor up and his attitude couldn't be better. He's been to a concert and two parties with his friends. Back to the old bump and grind. Yay!