Saturday, December 2

saturday update

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7.30pm: he's in the second surgery (the first went well) and this one is going to take 5 or 6 hours. T and her family will be sleeping at the hospital. She sounds completely shattered with exhaustion but also can't sit still. But everything is going very well, as well as it possibly could be, so this is all good news. Thanks again. --O

5PM: new update:

He's actually going to have two surguries today, and the first is only just now starting. This one is to repair one of the new fractures they discovered: he's broken one of the bones in his arm.

2. after that procedure they will have another one to work on the fractured bones in his face. As mentioned the facial injuries are extensive and this is going to be only the first of the surgeries he'll need for that over the coming months. Again though, as with the arm, this isn't anything like the first surgery which was for immediate life-threatening issues. This will all take a few hours but I will let you know as soon as there's news.

3. As below: he's been awake and talking without being entirely conscious or aware of where he is or what's going on. He keeps asking for T even though she's right there; he just seems to need to keep her in his line of vision and holding his hand. He seems to think he's in his room at home.

thank you to everyone who has commented so far; T will be very happy.


saturday 1.30 pm
Hi, it's O. All good news here.

1. T's son is having more surgery this afternoon, to work on some of the facial injuries.

2. His liver had been almost severed, but had been sutured during the first surgery and they say it's healing amazingly well. In general his recovery is just amazingly rapid, because he's so young.

3. He has some more fractured bones than they noticed at first, but they said today that they're no longer worried about any spinal cord injuries.

4. He's awake but not completely conscious. He's moving around and restless, he is sitting up, trying to pull out his breathing tube, and asking for his mother.

I'll post again when he's out of surgery. thanks to everyone


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Defiantly Damned said...

Tricia, I'm a friend of Jimmy's and heard about your son through Davis' blog. I can only imagine the terror you have felt over the last few days. Even though things are improving, I'm sure you're still fearful and exhausted. Tell that handsome boy of yours to keep fighting and that the world needs him still. I'll be thinking of you both.