Wednesday, December 20

dec 20 update

hello, It's O.
I'm sorry for the absence of updates. T of course has hardly been online, and also she has not wanted to update, and so she has asked me not to.

The good news is her son came home, and is so, so happy to be home. It's helped all of them so much to have him at home. It's helped him tremendously psychologically to be home and with his family and amongst familiar things and people.
He doesn't sleep well and at night he has nightmares about being at the hospital.

The whole family decorated the house and they have a christmas tree up. You can see it in the picture.

If you look at the picture you can see some swelling under his eyes. We learned today that he has an eye infection, and some other troubles. This is because of the extensive facial damage he had.

So, he needs surgery again on Friday. This will mean Christmas in the hospital for everyone.

T is very grateful to everyone who has commented and written her. She checks her email every couple of days, and every day I read her comments left for her here or on my blog or elsewhere.
I want everyone reading this to know, and a certain person in particular, that T has received all emails she's been sent, and is very, very grateful for all the wishes expressed for her son--as am I. If she is not in touch with you personally right away it is only because she has so many things to do, and no time to answer any emails at all.

I will be visiting T as soon as possible; unfortunately some events in my own life mean I can't be there now before January 4th, although we had planned for months that I would be there for Christmas. I would come now to be there for the surgery or for Christmas, whatever T needed me for, but I would have to leave after only a couple of days, and we've decided it's better if I come later and then stay for much longer. I can't afford both trips, and if I go later at least I will be there for longer and also be there for her birthday.

Please keep T and her family in your thoughts, and wish them well, especially Friday. Thank you all, for everything.



Sal said...

I wish you and yours the best sweetie. I hope all goes well. XO

Viviane said...

Thanks for the update. It's good to see a picture with his eyes open, and smiling. Blessings on you all.

v_slut said...

glad things are evening out. i'll be thinking good thoughts.