Monday, December 11


hi, it's O. T hasn't wanted to update, and will probably be mad at me for updating here now. But she did leave a comment on me tonight, and so I wanted to put part of it here for the many people who I know are concerned about her, and would not necessarily be looking at comments on my blog for updates. I speak to her every two hours or so, but obviously we aren't talking about blogging.

I feel bad for doing this without permission, but also, I know many people are concerned about what's going on. I am sure everyone understands that T doesn't herself have time to be in touch yet. This is the relevant part of the comment she left on my blog:

I just wanted to come here and thank everyone who was kind enough to send their healing vibes our way and to those wonderful people who took the time to click the link and leave a comment I want to send a special thank you. I can't begin to express how wonderful I felt as O read your comments and emails to me over the phone. We just got home from the hospital and I had the singular joy of tucking my baby into his own bed. I owe you all a debt of gratitude. I understand that even the atheists were praying for us;) Well it worked! Your positive energy surrounded us and insulated us through this difficult time.

Tonight I am going to just lay down and listen to his breathing, then, in the next day or two, I will be by to comment on you all and answer the emails.

I know she wants everyone to know how much she appreciates your good thoughts for them. I hope she'll forgive me for posting this here. I know people have been looking for updates, but I haven't wanted to post anything without her express permission, and blogging just has not been a topic that we've talked about much. She did leave this as part of a public comment, so that's why I'm posting it.

Thank you all again, for reading and commenting and emailing, and keeping T and her family in your thoughts. She is deeply grateful, as am I.



Debra said...

Thank you for posting this O! I've been sitting here going "Okay, what's going on? Someone post something, please!"

I am so glad they are home form th hospital and things are still going well. You have to be the most amazing friend to Tricia for sticking by her through all of this, and playing telephone to keep the rest of us up to date. You two are so lucky to have each other!

haha Now I'm getting all sappy and ridiculous.

Pandora said...

Well I for one am happy to hear this update. So wonderful to hear he is home!

Kisses... P

ShyRocket said...

I am glad things are going in the right direction. Look forward to hearing more in the coming days.