Friday, November 11

Under Construction

Again... yeah I know.


spcknght said...


This almost-blank white void. Kinda reminds me of Family Guy's vacation to Purgatory...

"It's not so bad...not so great, but so-so..."

Seamus said...

Hey! It's my birthday Monday and your house is in shambles - how the hell are we gonna party with all this construction going on? Think of the trip and falls! The lawsuits! Everyone in white dust mask? No smoochin' like that! White walls? What fun is that? Pout! NOT! ;)

Tricia said...

And I thought I was being existential? As in white holds every color of the rainbow? Therefore my blog contains the inner workings of all mankind, the hopes, dreams and ramblings of the entire species?


Okay, actually I need suggestions.
I'm about to cut off an ear here.

I got kind of sick of my blog looking like a teletubby threw up on it. But now what????