Friday, November 4

Happy Birthday Pupster!

Today is Pup's birthday!
Our Atlanta boy is coming home!

On another weird note I found out why we had so few trick-or-treaters over Halloween.
You know this is the Bible belt... or the babble belt if you want to say it right.

Apparently the Babble thumpers have been on a mission to de-rail Satan and his league of costumed 5 year olds. About time we all say. It's scary to be met at the door by five year olds dressed as Chuckie begging for a sugar fix.

Thank goodness and the holy rollers that something is finally being done!

How to Crash Satan's Birthday Party and Ruin Halloween
Use the links below to learn how to protect your Christian family from the coming demonic onslaught of skateboarding Wiccans, Devil Worshippers, and general mayhem that surrounds the most evil day of the year: Satan's Birthday (Halloween).

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