Thursday, November 19

HNT Writing Geek


    I've been writing all week. Every spare minute. All geek.
    The little mouse on the wheel in my brain has packed his cheese and left a note that says 'Gone Fishing'.

    It's good to be home again.

    Happy HNT.
    See the man, Os

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      Currently Reading: I'm working on my latest book review for Blogcritics. Dead Air by Deborah Shlian and Linda Reid ~ due for release in December.

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        Emmy said...

        Despite all of the work, you still look gorgeous! I love you hair - I must say!

        Well,if the mouse left, you have two choices - join him or power on. Hopefully you can join him at least for a little while! :)

        Anonymous said...

        Love look so pretty....

        I love your hair and all the waves!

        MKL said...

        Wow, really pretty :-) Just the way I like it, hehe..

        Anonymous said...

        All work and no play...right??

        BEAUTIFUL tresses my dear!

        Lil Bit said...

        Gonna share some of your writing here?

        You are so beautiful, T -- luv luv LUV that HAIR! omg.

        HHNT, sweetie! Miss ya. =)

        Anonymous said...

        well hello there fellow all geek, how are you? y'know, i think i, too, may have to post a GONE FISHIN' sign this weekend on my blog, suddenly busy!

        Anonymous said...

        Looking good!

        My mouse bailed a loooong time ago!

        Ms Scarlett said...

        You have the loveliest hair, T! Beautiful!

        Vixen said...

        I'm having total hair envy.... :)

        Hubman said...

        You're very pretty, thanks for sharing!

        MinorityReport said...

        Gorgeous! :) And I love your comment about the mouse. I feel like that at the end of every week. HHNT.

        Sugarmag said...

        Nice to see you back, pretty lady! Happy (late) HNT

        rage said...

        Nothing hotter than a sexy geek chick.

        -coming from another geek chick.

        Michael Manning said...

        What a beautiful photo of you, Tricia! I wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving this week. You sound busy and creative! :)

        Anonymous said...

        nice post 10x alışveriş - bilet

        Rex Venom said...

        Coming home always makes leaving worth it.
        Rock on!