Thursday, November 12

HNT Over The Knee Boots

    charlotte russe sexy boots

      There's nothing sexier than over-the-knee boots with a short skirt. These are plain suede slouch boots, but boots with buckles would work just as well.

      You can dress up a work outfit with boots as well. Thanks to the fashion industry's love of retro, leggings are going to be hot this season. And boots with a long coat are a perfect way to dress them up.

      Happy HNT!

      PS. Thanks to my mom for the new blog name.
      We'll see how long it lasts.

      See the man, OS.

      Over-the-knee suede boots in red.

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        13messages said...

        One Brick Shy is a great name.

        I agree on the boots. I am seeing them on everyone lately and you know how happy that makes this lover of boots. You look fantastic as always.

        Vixen said...

        Totally agree!!! Damn hot looking there girl!

        Anonymous said...

        I love the boots... I don't think you can have too many pairs :)

        Ms Scarlett said...

        LOVE boots... I own several pair myself!

        You look awesome! Great legs!

        Emmy said...

        You look FABULOUS in those boots and that short skirt! Fabulous!
        Happy HNT!

        MKL said...

        Love your new name :) So unique. And the pic is hot. Keep on with the great blogging :)

        Sour Cherry said...

        I Love LOVE the boots! Happy HNT!

        Anonymous said...

        love the new blog name, you sexy woman you!


        Lapis Ruber said...

        I agree there's nothing sexier - and your pic proves it :-) Happy HNT!

        Anonymous said...

        I love that outfit and you look very sensual and sexy!

        Happy HNT!


        Sexy Runners said...

        Two T's commenting on the same day.....too funny. Thanks for stopping by.

        Lovin' the boots.

        Anonymous said...

        Sexy, sexy boots. Love them. I finally got my first pair of boots for the fall just last weekend. (I've been without for 3 years -- so sad).

        Love the pic. You look too hot.


        Anonymous said...

        Damn those boots are rockin!! I suspect the legs in em have a lot to do with that though! Great pic.

        The Panserbjørne said...

        Those are some astoundingly sexy boots. It's the short skirt in combination WITH the boots, though, that truly makes it. There's almost nothing hotter than a woman with a short skirt and thigh-high boots.

        (What's hotter? Why, a woman wearing thigh-high boots...and nothing else).

        Thanks for dropping by my place, by the way. Happy HNT to you. And incidentally, I'd say the answer to your question is "no", you're not. Wonder if I'm right. :)

        -- PB

        wifegonebad said...

        Oh you work those boots well girl! And I love your new blog name - kudos to mama! ;>

        Hubman said...

        Oh, how I love nice legs and what Veronica calls "boots of naughtiness"!

        Happy HNT

        autumn said...

        i cannot say enough how much i love this picture. you look very very sexy hot right there. over the knee boots suit you very well.

        Anonymous said...

        YOU ARE SO as hell!!


        adamantixx said...

        i couldn't agree more about the boots...any woman wearing them deserves to have men falling at her feet in worship!
        every bedroom should have at least one pair of them x

        Kevin Lomax said...

        Great outfit! Can't wait to see those boots getting higher and the skirt getting shorter... ;-)

        Transylvanian Miss said...

        Gorgeous boots there! I love over the knees, I got some new ones myself recently, just ankle ones but they've got the bondage look and a really strange heel that slopes inwards all to make the foot appear smaller apparantly?

        Sorry this is so late! Been a bit crazy! In answer it didn't take too long to do, just a couple of minutes but it requires a really steady hand because the lines are done with liquid liner :O

        Cheers for dropping by and HHNT!!!

        rage said...

        I am loving the new blog name and the boots.

        Hubba Hubba