Monday, September 3

Shhhhhhhh Yourself

This is Cheyenne's friend Lona singing 'Beautiful' at the International School of the Arts. She tried out for American Idol, but was declined because she's British.
Music was the one constant and passion that defined their relationship. Two girls who sang beautifully together. With Lona's passing Cheyenne seems to have lost her desire to sing. For Now. I hope it will return soon. I miss hearing her singing as she walks through the house.

I don't want to talk much about the last post. I'll just say that the Candlelight Memorial went well, as contradictory as it feels to write that. There's more to be done. Viewing tonight at her home and Funeral on Tuesday. I'm busy making slideshows out of her pictures with her friends. Her family has turned over more than 1300 photographs of her and her friends for me to make memorial videos for them and for her friends to use on MySpace, Facebook and their blogs. It's heartbreaking work. But, being a mother myself, I understand how important it is to them that their daughters memory carries on.

We'll have something to share soon.

Cheyenne says 'Thank You' for your well wishes.
She can't seem to say more at the moment.


Bud said...

This breaks my heart. I don't know how you and Cheyenne can hold up. My thoughts are with you through this horrible time.

WDKY said...

Oh T... things just don't get easier, do they? Heartbreaking indeed.

Anonymous said...

I'm so very sorry for both of you. You're a great mom for doing these things for your daughters friend. She'll never forget how you were there for her during this time. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Michael Manning said...

Tricia: Please know that you do have a blog community here and we really feel this loss. (((HUGS)))) to you and Cheyenne.

Seamus said...

What a generous labor of love Tricia. I can't imagine how hard that must be to do. *hugs*

Sharon said...

I'm sorry to hear about her passing. She is so young and so lovely. How can something like this happen to someone so vibrant and full of life?