Monday, April 9


I missed I didn't. Oh crap. I guess I did. I'm finally here. In Atlanta. A transplant from Home of the Blues...dismal seapage...Memphis, Tennessee. Yes, boys and girls, I'm here to stay. Finally back in touch with my wonderful sister, Trish, my goofy-ass brother, David, and my awesome nieces and nephews. Now, the first item on my agenda has been executed and that was getting a job (kudos to Dave). So's Trisha's job to find me a hot man :)

The taxt of keeping my arrival from my niece went flawlessly. I told Trish a few days ago not to tell her that I was coming because I knew she'd totally freak out. Low and behold, she did. It was great. Heh heh. Trish had this great plan. She told Chey that they were going to chuch seeing as how it was Easter Sunday, but that they had to stop by Dave's first. I'm walking out to my car when they pull up, so I just stop in the driveway and stare at them. Chey gets out and starts squinting at me and looks at Trish. "Who is that?" She asked. I was like, "You know who I am!" Chey freaks out. Eyes bug out, jaw hits the pavement. Yeah. Plan worked perfectly. Thank you Trish! Ladies and Germs, this woman ROCKS!

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