Tuesday, June 7

Happy Slayer Day!

I know--I'm late.
Slayer Day was June 6th.
Here's my video playlist for Slayer Day.

Interviews with Kerry King live backstage and with Dave Lombardo. Live interview with Anthrax as well; bands who have talked about Slayer during our interview or who have cited Slayer as a musical influence: Johnny Plague from Winds of Plague, Angry Phill from Madlife, Roger Miret of the Disasters and Agnostic Front.


M. Shadows' picture is gracing this post as well and I've also added the concert review video for Avenged Sevenfold--because they fucking rock--and because the first time I ever saw them live, when I reviewed Uproar Festival 2010, Shadows was wearing his SLAYER T-SHIRT!slayer tAs soon as I recovered from the shock of his stage entrance <-- editorial review here as well, of Seether and Alter Bridge), I noticed his shirt. This photo still makes me smile whenever I see it.

Have to re-upload the Welcome to Rockville videos and the Madlife interview also--apparently the new Windows 7 movie maker bumps uglies with Youtube's video processor--and not in a good way. When I've finished that I'll definitely be putting together the 2010 A7X Uproar video as well as the Anthrax and Slayer videos.

I hate shooting when I review a concert, prefer to headbang and take notes--Seriously! I even headbang when I'm supposed to be shooting! but when I do shoot it bothers me to have all of those photos left over knowing fans would love to see them. So more videos up-coming, as well as the Slayer 30 year celebration video.


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Trudi1987 said...

I always wondered what concert photographers do with all of the photos they take. You only see a few actually in the article, but they shoot hundreds. Cool idea to share them with fans by use review pictures as a preview :)

Can't wait to see.
<3 a7x <3