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Art of Dying Debuts Vices and Virtues with a Free Download of "Die Trying"

Art of Dying Debuts Vices and Virtues with a Free Download of "Die Trying"

"Art of Dying is one of the fast-rising, break-out bands who will be making a major impact on radio and the coming summer tour season. "Die Trying," the first single release, is currently ripping its way upwards on Active Radio and expectations are high for the rest of the album, Vices and Virtues.

Vices and Virtues, produced by Howard Benson (Papa Roach, Three Doors Down), is Art Of Dying's first album on the new Reprise imprint, Intoxication Records, which is the label creation of Disturbed's David Draiman and Dan Donegan.

There has been talk of Intoxication Records for a long time; a very cool concept from Disturb's veterans to take all that they've learned during their phenomenal music careers and use it to build a label supporting hot, new talent. The only thing that seemed to stall the project was finding the right band to launch the label.

Disturbed lead singer David Draiman said of signing Art of Dying, Intoxication Record's first band, 'In years of searching for a band to begin the saga at Intoxication Records, we finally found the fiercely talented boys of Art Of Dying; delivering uncompromising, harmony filled anthemic rock moments, fused with the right amount of attitude. They won over our fans time and time again, and we are betting that they will win over the world.'

Art of Dying is vocalist/lyricist Jonny Hetherington, guitarist Greg Bradley guitarist Tavis Stanley, bassist Cale Gontier, and drummer Jeff Brown. Check out or to learn more about Art of Dying and for tour updates.
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ART OF DYING - DIE TRYING - Official Music Video

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