Tuesday, February 2

The AT&T Facebook Glitch

: a harbinger of doom for the future of mobile Internet users?
AT&T Phones Hack Facebook Accounts
Please. Bear with me while I take a moment to brag.
This, my latest article on has been the headline on the sci/tech section since the 22nd. It was also a front page feature. I'm flattered, honored and, honestly, surprised. My eternal gratitude to our Technology editor.

I had promised to try to avoid writing geek there, but I couldn't help myself. I tried to make it as humorous as possible rather than just another technology article. You must check out the link to mashable under "Bill Gates threw his hands in the air and announced that he was out of there", a mock up of a fake Bill Gates Facebook page created by PC World. It's hilarious.


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Michael Manning said...

An animated Bill Gates! That was funny!! :D) Hope you are doing well!

T - Another Geek Girl said...

Thanks Michael!
I thought so as well.

Miss you.