Tuesday, March 4

Some Good News

The book is well under way.
The publishers couldn't be happier.

The bad news...
The deadline is March 15th! And I'm still writing, re-writing and editing.

Some days I swear that I can't pull one more coherent thought out of my head, the next day the words come so fast and furious that I can't write them quickly enough. What I have now is such a jumble that I'm not even sure I can re-organize it. What I need is an assistant. And a new mini recorder, mine chose the worst possible time to conk out.

Among the unbound fragments
found after Emily Dickinson's death
is a small slip of paper that reads only,
"But ought not the amanuensis to receive a commission also --"

I'm no Emily Dickinson, but I completely understand.
I've come to believe that dictation is the ultimate act of love.
To have someone who cares for your words enough to make that sacrifice is a precious gift that cannot bear the weight of a price tag, nor can it be given enough gratitude.

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Blissfully Wed said...

I can't wait to read it. I think you're pretty awesome.

Seamus said...

Wow! That deadline is closing in fast! Lots of "completion thoughts" heading your way! :)

T said...

BW, you know I'll always consider you a friend from the trenches ;)

The next book is fiction. It should be interesting. there are a total of 2 that I have 'in the works' and one that is drafted but not complete.

Right now this is a priority. These stories are important to tell.

I hope to have an Amazon link up soon.

Thanks for your support ;)

Ken Albin said...

Good vibes that you make the deadline. Whew, I hate deadlines!

T said...

Seamus, this weekend is buckling down.

I'll be finished by Monday... at least that's the plan.

T said...

Ken, please email me. I've done all I can think of in light of what I've learned from you recently, but I think more is in order. I couldn't find your addy so please write soon..

your friend,

Bud said...

I am a long time advocate of never writing anything without a trusted editor/aid. Get busy, girl! and good luck!

SeaRabbit said...

Rush... but how thrilling!!!

Michael Manning said...

Wow, Tricia! You're about to be published. I hope you can rush over to a Radio Shack and get a Cassette recorder fast! Cannot wait to read your work! I know it will be fantastic!

Michael Manning said...


Trashman said...

I didn't know you got a book deal. Congrats.

Anonymous said...

Hey, congratulations and dictation is so much fun!
pop tart

Michael Manning said...

Stopped by wondering how it's all coming together Tricia!What an Achievement!!!!

BTExpress said...

Just keep thinking how far you've come and work even harder.

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