Friday, March 16


I've been tagged by Sara - Adventure Chick.
Thank you sweetheart!

I'm supposed to list 6 weird things about me then tag 6 other people. I think I'm pretty normal, but what the heck...

1. I have never broken any bones or had stitches. I've never even been hospitalized except to deliver babies.

2. I lived 40K from the border of France for 5 years and never once visited there. I meant to but opted for adventures further afield thinking that it was so close that I would eventually wander that way.

3. I sang in a rock band when i was in High School.

4. I've rappeled out of a helicopter.

5. I can hit 38 out of 40 moving targets with an M16.
(Or at least I did in the military.)

6. I have lived in seven states.

There you have it. Nothing too weird.
I'm not tagging anyone in particular but feel free to run with it if you like.